just no

i watched into darkness again and there’s one scene that’s bothering me. no, not "khaaaaaan." i’m talking about kirk yelling at khan in the cage: "the only reason you are still alive is because i am allowing it."

first of all, spock wanted to save khan’s life, not kirk. but more important, i just wanna shout out: "hey kirk! the only reason YOU are still alive is because khan saved your fucking ass on that planet!!!

With producing, Broadway, TV and movies under your belt, along with expressing the desire to direct, do you feel like you gravitate more towards one than the others?

“I always consider myself an actor first and I feel like my experience reflects that. I’ve been acting since I was 10 years old and I hope that that will be the thing that I do forever, but as I continue to expand I want to inhabit that expansion. I want to diversify. The industry has changed so much that diversity is key in a way that it didn’t used to be, and I can see that. I also have an interest in cultivating a keen business mind, so I’m trying to navigate these waters from a number of different perspectives. Creativity is the foundation and the thing that I always want to come back to, but within that, I want to give myself opportunities to do other stuff and have other experiences. That’s why I started my company, that’s why I produce things and try to look at things from the business side as well, because that is also fascinating, but I would say that my gravitation is always towards acting and creating in that way.”